• Connecting to your clinical team (Android)

1. . The Project Breathe app can share data with your clinical team. To do this, tap the ‘Settings’ cog in the Project Breathe app dashboard, then tap ‘Clinical Services’.

2. At the sign-in/sign-up page, tap the ‘Sign up now’ link at the bottom.

3. Enter your Project Breathe Gmail address and tap ‘Send verification code’. (If you haven’t already set up your Gmail account, please visit the Gmail Sign-Up section).

4. Now check your Gmail account. You will receive an email with a verification code. Copy this code into the app and tap ‘Verify code’.

5. Complete your registration by choosing a password and tapping ‘Create’.

6.  Now you’re connected, you’ll be able to sync all your data with the clinical team by clicking the ‘Sync’ button. Your unique User ID is displayed in this page. You will need to share this User ID with the nurses at Papworth to enable them to link your ID with your Gmail address (when you attend your on-boarding session.)

7. Now you should see a ‘connected’ status next to the clinical services option.