• Installing Project Breathe App (Apple)

1. When you receive an email invitation to sign up to Project Breathe, tap on the ‘Sign up’ button in the email. (Note: if you haven’t already created a Gmail account, visit the ‘Gmail Setup‘ page for instructions.)

2. When the Visual Studio App Center page has loaded, tap on the Google ‘G’ link to download the app using your Gmail account.

3. Choose the account you created for Project Breathe. If you don’t see it on this page, tap on ‘Use another account’ and enter your username and password.

4. After logging in, App Center will ask you to add your device. Tap ‘Add Device’ to make sure that your device is registered.

5. App Center may ask you install a profile so that the app can be downloaded to your device. Make sure you install the profile to enable things to work.

6. In the iOS ‘Settings’ page, make sure you tap ‘Install’ to install the profile.

7. Once done, head back over to your web browser, make sure you select the most recent version of the app and tap ‘INSTALL’.

8. When prompted, tap ‘Install’ to go ahead.

9. The app will then install. If you check your home screen, you will see the app icon in the first available space. Simply tap on it to launch Project Breathe.

10. The Project Breathe logo should appear. Tap the ‘Get Started’ button to visit your daily dashboard.

11. That’s the installation complete.