• Setting up Project Breathe


We are delighted that you would like to sign up and take part in Project Breathe.  Before you download the application, please make sure you read our Privacy Policy.

To take part in this evaluation, we recommend that you sign up for both an anonymous GMail account and a Fitbit account. To preserve your anonymity, we strongly advise that when setting up your Gmail account, you use a pseudonym. Our onboarding guide contains full instructions on how to do this.

Since both accounts are provided by third parties, we cannot take any responsibility for data management in respect of their use. Please ensure that you read the respective companies’ privacy policies and consent to them should you wish.

Currently, the ability to connect to your clinical team via the Project Breathe app’s ‘Clinical Services’ feature is switched off. This means that any measurements entered will only be saved on your phone and no data is stored on our cloud servers or shared with your clinicians.

Once ‘Clinical Services’ is enabled in the Project Breathe app, you will receive an email with a link to download an updated version.  The user guide below details how to sign up to ‘Clinical Services’ and begin synchronising and sharing your data with our cloud services and your clinical team.  Any measurements already in your Project Breathe app will be synced and shared at this time.

By choosing to proceed and download Project Breathe app, we assume that you consent to the Magic Bullet Privacy Policy.





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