• FAQ – Connecting Apple Health

Why connect to Apple Health?

Connecting with Apple Health allows the Project Breathe app to acquire data from a wider range of devices or services. This is great if you have an Apple Watch, or perhaps a spirometer or pulse oximeter that works with Apple Health. Some other services, for example Garmin or Strava can also supply data to your Apple Health account.

Will my historical Apple Health data be pulled into Project Breathe app?

The Project Breathe app will download up to 7 days of data from your Apple Health account. This is exactly the same way in which the app works with Fitbit.

What data will Project Breathe read from Apple Health?

As well as Activity, Resting Heart Rate, Weight and Sleep, Project Breathe can read Lung Function (FEV1), Body Temperature and Pulse Oximetry data from Apple Health. This is great if you have medical devices that aren’t natively supported by the Breathe application.

Why is my Apple Health activity & HR data not up to date?
If you wear an Apple Watch, make sure it’s unlocked and is connected with your iPhone. Apple Health samples data from your watch throughout the day and if this connection to your watch isn’t present, it can affect the data displayed within the Project Breathe application.
Why is my Apple Health activity from Garmin different to my Garmin Connect app?
We are aware of a known issue with Garmin Connect app sharing inaccurate data with Apple Health.  Until this issue is remedied by Garmin, we recommend not importing or sharing activity data into Breathe app via Apple Health.

Why does Project Breathe ask for permission to read from my Apple Health store?

Since health information is personal and potentially sensitive, any application that wants to read or update your Apple Health store requires your approval. The list of applications and/or devices that can access your Apple Health store can be controlled within Apple’s Health application.

Why do I see data in Apple Health but not in the Project Breathe application?

Assuming you’ve granted Project Breathe access to read from your Apple Health store, you might also need to check that your preferences are setup correctly. In the ‘Settings’ page, choose ‘Data Preferences’ and make sure that the application is configured to retrieve data from Apple Health.

Can I use Fitbit and Apple Health simultaneously?

You can use both Fitbit and Apple Health simultaneously if you want, but you may might need to check out the ‘Data Preferences’ option in the application’s setting page. This preference page is where you choose which data points are retrieved from your different connected accounts.

My sleep data isn’t appearing when I connect to Apple Health?

Apple Health distinguishes between time you spend in bed, versus time spent asleep.  Apps that track your sleep may record one or both of these numbers, but the Project Breathe application only reports the latter.  Apple’s ‘Bedtime’ feature only records time spent ‘In Bed’, so if you rely on Bedtime to track your sleep, nothing will be reported in the Breathe app.

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