• Frequently Asked Questions – Clinical Services

What are ‘Clinical Services’?

Within the Project Breathe app, ‘Clinical Services’ just refers to the ability to send your data to our cloud servers in order to share it with your clinical team. By participating in this clinical evaluation, your data is also shared (in an anonymised form) with our data scientists for research.

How do I perform a full sync of all my data?

There’s two ways! You can either swipe down on the dashboard screen, or in the ‘Settings’ page, under ‘Clinical Services’ you can tap ‘Sync’ to perform a full sync of all your data.

How do I know that I am connected to my clinical team?

In the ‘Clinical Services’ section of the ‘Settings’ page, the status should appear as ‘Connected’. Tap on the ‘Clinical Services’ item to see your user ID, and reveal options to ‘Sync’ or ‘Disconnect’.

I see an error message when syncing my data.

This usually indicates a connection problem, so the first step is to make sure that you have a working internet connection. If the problem persists, visit the ‘Settings’ page and disconnect and reconnect to Clinical Services to see if that helps.

If you still see an error message, contact the nurses at papworth.projectbreathe@nhs.net to report the issue and request support. 

Still have questions? Let us know.