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Can I leave the evaluation and if so will my data be deleted?

If you decide to leave the evaluation please speak to your nurses at your Hospital. At your request, all of your data will be deleted and will no longer be available to either your clinical team or our research data scientists.  It is also possible to withdraw from the evaluation without withdrawing your anonymised data– just let the nurses know your preferred option.

Can I run Project Breathe app on multiple devices?

It is recommended that you do not use multiple devices for the Project Breathe application. If you are sending daily data from more than one device, we may end up with multiple copies of the same data!

What data are you collecting and why?

The Project Breathe app is designed to collect a variety of biometric information which can be shared with your clinical team, as well as provided to data scientists (in an anonymised form) for research and ongoing service development. Full details are available in our privacy policy.

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