• FAQ – Vitalograph spirometer

Why is the app asking for Bluetooth or Location permission?

Connecting Breathe to any Bluetooth device requires your permission. For devices running iOS version 13 or later, the Breathe application will request the ’Bluetooth’ permission. For Android devices (or Apple devices using iOS 12 or earlier), the app will request the ‘Location’ permission. Note that no data regarding your location is recorded or stored by the Breathe app.

Why is my app stuck in a ‘connecting’ state?

If the app gets stuck in a ‘connecting’ state, try closing the capture page and retrying.  If this doesn’t help, close the capture page before turning the spirometer or oximeter off and on again, then trying again to record a measurement.

If you are still unable to record a measurement, turn the phone’s Bluetooth feature off and back on again. Try using the phone’s Bluetooth settings page to search for your devices and create a pairing with it. Finally, restart Project Breathe app, you should now be able to record the measurement.


Why is my FEV1 not available to save after every blow?

The Vitalograph spirometer checks that you have recorded a good blow before you can save it in your Project Breathe app. If you hear the long beep sound and an exclamation symbol ‘!’ appears on the spirometer, this means it was not a good enough blow and you should try again.  Project Breathe app cannot record any measurement marked with the exclamation symbol ‘!’.

Advice from Vitalograph is that a cough, strained blow or not blowing hard and fast enough could result in the ‘!’ symbol appearing.

Try again, blowing out as HARD, as FAST and as LONG as you can.  Make sure you use your nose clip and be careful not to block the mouthpiece with the tongue or teeth.

If you would like to see a demonstration of how to best use the spirometer take a look here .

I accidentally closed the app before I had saved my lung function, where has my measurement gone?

Project Breathe app will only save a lung function measurement once you have pressed the “Save” button. Always try to do three good blows and select to record the best measurement before navigating away from this page.

Why is my app stuck searching for my spirometer?

To work with Bluetooth devices including spirometers and oximeters, Breathe requires that you grant the ‘Bluetooth’ or ‘Location’ permission. If you don’t grant permission, then any Bluetooth functionality will not work.  You can check the status of these permissions within your phone’s settings page. On an Android device, check the ‘App Permissions’  page. On an iOS device, check your ‘Privacy’ settings. On either platform, you should be able to see Project Breathe in the list of apps that have the permission enabled. On certain Motorola phones, you should also check that you have ‘Find my device’ turned on, in the ‘Location services’ section.

Why does my spirometer display not match with the numbers in Project Breathe?

The Vitalograph spirometer is factory-set to display PEF as its first measurement. Scroll through the display screen using the right hand (arrow) button next to the screen, and you will find your FEV1 measurement. This value should match the figure recored in Project Breathe App.

What do the icons on my spirometer mean?

Here are the commonly seen icons, or symbols on the spirometer:

If the image displayed on your device is not found in the above image, you can obtain further information in the online manual here .

My spirometer has disconnected but I have only taken one measurement, what should I do?

Your spirometer may time out and turn off before you have recorded 3 good blows.  If you only have one measurement, you can save that measurement if you wish to, or you can dismiss the capture page via the cross in top right hand corner and begin again.

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