• Frequently Asked Questions – Current issues

In version 1.8.x, my spirometer device connects but doesn’t capture.

After upgrading Project Breathe to version 1.8, you might find that despite being able to connect to your spirometer, you are not able to capture data. If this happens, just remove and re-add the spirometer connection in the Settings page. To do this, just tap ‘Settings’ and remove the spirometer by either swiping left and choosing ‘Delete’ (iOS) or tap-holding the connection and choosing ‘Delete’ (Android). Then just follow the steps in our FAQ to re-establish the connection.

Project Breathe won’t launch on my iOS device.

If you’re using a version of Project Breathe (iOS) earlier than 1.8.x, the app will not launch after 16th June 2019. To carry on using Project Breathe, don’t delete the app. Instead, just open your Gmail inbox and follow the instructions you were sent on upgrading to version 1.8.

My clinical team can’t see my latest data.

We’re currently investigating an issue where occasionally, you may be logged out of Clinical Services and as a result, your clinical team may not see your most recent data. As of version 1.8.x, the Project Breathe app reports a ‘last synced’ time in the Settings page (next to any connected service.) If your clinical team can’t see your latest data, check the last synced time in this page. If the last sync time doesn’t update after attempting to sync via a ‘pull to refresh’ in the dashboard, you should try disconnecting and logging back in to Clinical Services. To disconnect, just tap on the ‘Clinical Services’ link and choose ‘Disconnect’. Then tap ‘Connect’, log back in and attempt to sync again.

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