• FAQ – General usage

Help I cannot log into Breathe account on my Oppo Phone?

The native browser on an Oppo phone will block access to the service Project Breathe uses to authenticate your account, preventing you from logging in.  The simplest way to fix this is to install Chrome as your default browser.  You can see step by step guidelines on how to do this here.

How do I perform a full sync of all my data?

You can either pull down on the dashboard screen (which will also refresh your Fitbit & Apple Health data), or in the ‘Settings’ page, under ‘Clinical services’ you can press ‘Sync’. Either will perform a full sync of all your data to our cloud storage.

I get an error when syncing my data.

This usually indicates a connection problem. Double check that you have a working internet connection. If the problem persists, visit the ‘Settings’ page and disconnect and reconnect to Clinical Services. If the problem continues, contact your Breathe nursing team to report the issue and request support. 

Can I enter and display data using different units?

Project Breathe currently works with Celsius and Kilograms.  There are no options to change these settings at present.

How do I know that I am connected to my clinic team?

You will see a ‘Connected’ status next to ‘Breathe Account’ in the ‘Settings’ page. Tap on the ‘Breathe Account’ to see your user ID, and the option to ‘Sync’ or ‘Disconnect’.

Why is the app suddenly shutting down?

If the app unexpectedly shuts down, please just try restarting it.  If it repeatedly shuts down as a result of the same action, please report the error to your clinical team via the in app contact email option, or email Magic Bullet support to report the error and request support.

Why is my Fitbit data not appearing in Project Breathe?

In Project Breathe app, visit the ‘Settings’ page. Check under ‘My Accounts’ to make sure you are connected to Fitbit. If not, follow through the process outlined in the Fitbit section of the user guide.

If you are connected, open the Fitbit app and force a sync with your activity tracker. The go back to Project Breathe app and pull to refresh on the dashboard to sync with Fitbit. You should now be able to see your Fitbit data.

How do I remove and re-add a Bluetooth device?

In the Project Breathe app, visit the ‘Settings’ page and scroll to the ‘My Devices’ section.  Simply select the device you want to remove and choose ‘Delete’ in the menu bar.

To setup your Vitalograph spirometer again, just follow the instructions here. For a Nonin oximeter, check here.

Daily reminders are delayed on my Android phone

On some Android phones, you may find that your daily reminder is delayed significantly. If this happens, you should try turning off Battery Optimisation for the Project Breathe app. Follow these instructions to reduce delays in the delivery of your reminders.

Daily reminders aren’t delivered on my Huawei or Honor phone.

In order to prolong battery life, some Huawei and Honor phones automatically (and forcibly) close apps to prevent them running in the background. This can interfere with the delivery of daily reminders in the Project Breathe app. If you find that your reminders aren’t being delivered on your Huawei phone, following these instructions should help

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